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Fox Covert Farm!

Welcome to Fox Covert Farm! We are the Bracken Family and we have been caring for the land and producing crops on our farm in the heart of Ireland for five generations!
As sustainable hemp seed farmers, our hemp crops are grown in a 100% natural, pesticide, fungicide and herbicide free environment.
Our commitment to producing healthy, natural Superfood led us to Hemp Seeds, and after extensive research, we decided to cultivate this “miracle plant” on our farm. We are proud to bring our incredibly nutritious Hemp Seed Products, Hemp Hearts and Milled Hemp direct from our farm to your fork!

As a fifth generation farming family, we also have a strong interest in sustainable farming and environmental protection. Hemp Plants are known as “Nature’s Purifier” due to their ability to sequester C02 and purify air – up to four times more efficiently than trees! Our Hemp Seed crops are sustainably grown in a 100% natural, pesticide, fungicide and herbicide free environment – and are good for the planet as well as good for you!

Sustainable Farming at Fox Covert Farm

Fox Covert Farm follows strict guidelines of the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) for growing and harvesting Hemp Seed. We are fully licensed and endorsed by the Department of Health.

To produce our Hemp Seed Products to the highest standards, we undergo regular and rigorous inspection of our products, our farm, and our growing and harvesting process, including lab testing by the Environment Health Officer. This certification guarantees our customers that our products are safe and produced in accordance with law, without any unsafe chemicals or additives.
Humanity has utilised hemp seed as a food source for thousands of years and thanks to growing awareness of it’s nutritional advantages, this “miracle plant” is now enjoying a revival in many countries.
Our family works hard each day to ensure your family can enjoy Hemp Seed Products that are healthy, delicious and free from pesticides, herbicides or fungicides, – with peace of mind about the conditions in which those Hemp Seed Products were produced.